Badging Information


All umpires are to start at a new badge level, this is so that we can help you progress and see where your talents are. You will always have a mentor with you on games to guide you through the rules and processes of umpiring. 

Then we follow the Associations badging processes 

  • Beginner Badge 
  • Graduate Badge
  • Association Badge 

Netball NSW Badges include:
  • National C 
  • National B 
  • National A 

All information on the structure and components of each badge can be found on the Camden and District Netball Association page. 


Uniform and Equipment

All umpires are required to wear a white shirt. If you are just umpiring you must wear a white shirt and either your MANC dress or black/white bottoms 

At every game you should have your rule book, Whistle and a hair tie, Water bottle, Sunscreen on, and sunnies or a hat.



Rosters will be emailed out on a Wednesday (afternoon/night). And a second to be emailed on a Friday IF there are any changes.

If you are away please give me advance warning (preferably 2-3 weeks), this helps with umpire allocations.

If something has popped up, just send me a text or call. Please try not to cancel right before the game… It makes it hard to find an umpire last minute…

But things happen and we will understand.


Umpires are paid every 5 weeks… If you have a bank account, please email me your account details, so that the payments can be directly transferred to you.

Pay days are:

  • Round 6
  • Round 11
  • Round 15 / Semis


All umpires are required to complete the Rules of Netball Test before their first umpiring game. 


You will find this course and many others through the links below