Weekend Highlight | Roxys

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♥️ There is so much that could be said about this talented team of ladies however, inspirational sums it up!
Their positive support for each other as friends and team mates is second to none.

Laughter on the court has been the biggest highlight of the past 2 years, especially when the opposing teams are also having a good laugh and cuddle with you during the game.

After our final whistle this week it was gratifying to have opposing players from various teams approach the Roxys to verbally acknowledge their sportsmanship as gracious humans and athletes and congratulate them on a successful season.

It makes my heart smile that sport is being played in this positive and supportive spirit.
To the parents, siblings, grandparents, partners, friends and extended families we all love seeing and hearing you each week, please continue to overrun the sideline with your support throughout the finals series!